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Canvass forms are printed in any number of colours with personalised information on one or both sides. Each form is designed individually to our clients specification and can be any size up to A3.


Our high speed laser personalisation equipment allows the production of up to 500,000 A4 forms per day. This is more than enough to meet our average annual production of 4 million Canvass forms.


With our level of equipment we can handle all methods of finishing from folding and sealing to inserting into envelopes with up to 4 separate enclosures.


The completed Canvass Forms are then either Walksorted for Royal Mail despatch or packed to your specification for delivery direct to your offices. All boxes are clearly marked with their contents for ease of distribution.


If you would like a competitive Canvass Form quotation, please click here to go to our online questionnaire.




   Canvass Forms








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Canvass Forms - Key Facts


  A3, oversize A4, A4 and Continuous Canvass Forms


  A3, A4, A5 and 1/3 A4 inserts

  All sizes of envelopes supplied printed or plain

  In-House design

  Personalisation, Simplex and Duplex printing

  Bar Codes

  All Electoral Registration Systems Recognised

  Despatch via Royal Mail (Walksort)

  Despatch Direct to Council (Maintaining Polling District order)

  Personalising up to 500,000 A4 Canvass Forms per day

  Folding up to 600,000 items per day

  Envelope inserting up to 4 items, 250,000 per day

  Delivery to client timescale every time

  Everything produced under one roof